The flight of a butcher with a "TB" calf from a slaughterhouse in Mahalla

The abattoir of the center and the city of Al-Mahalla Al-Kabri in the province of Al-Gharbia witnessed a sad incident on the first day of Eid al-Adha, where a butcher with a sickly calf was killed by a transport vehicle out of fear for confiscation and execution of the calf.

The details of the incident came back when Major General Tareq Hassouna, director of Western Security, received a message from Colonel Mohammed Etman, director of Supply Investigation, stating that one of the butchers, Hassan A., is living in the new Manshiyeh area had begun a red semi-automatic vehicle with "5823" plates, a veterinarian and killed him in case the driver of the car drove the calf with the most dangerous "tuberculosis".

On the other hand, Dr. Hatim Kamal Anwar, Director of Veterinary Medicine in Gharbia, Dr. Magdy Abdel Halim, director general of the bloodbaths, urgent instructions to open an investigation into the incident and take all administrative measures against the employees and employees who are missing.

Dr. Magdy Abdel Halim, general director of the killings, said the director of the veterinary department and the general deserter had drawn up an official report at the headquarters of the Mahalla Center against the fleeing butcher, as well as the formation of a large campaign in coordination with the supply research to officially slaughter and execute the calf.

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