The Gate of Dawn: "Journalists" condemns the impotence of pasting paste on colleagues "from the grace of decency"

The Journalists Syndicate,
Led by journalist Abdelmohsen Salama, what she described as the "insult" to which he was subjected
Fellow journalists are members of the trade union in the Dakahlia government of MP Hamami Ajinah, member of the Council
The delegates of the Belqas circle, after being attacked with attacking words across all boundaries of respect
And fitness, and without justification and punishable by law, while colleagues are being treated for the tour of the Dakahlia governor
Dr. Kamal Sharobim.

The union refused in a statement, this behavior of the deputy department "Belqas", and led
To Dr. Ali Abdel-Aal, chairman of the House of Representatives to restore the dignity of colleagues, with emphasis on keeping silent about what
Doing the MP is an insult to the Lower House itself, especially because they did not expect this behavior
From a member of the House of Representatives.

And appealed to the trade union
With colleagues, journalists and members of the House of Representatives, not to mention what was said by the aforementioned parliament,
And to make an urgent note to the President of the Council, to maintain the unity of the ranks, especially in the circumstances
Travel through the homeland and face attempts to undermine the press.

The union praised
The position of Dr. Kamal Sharobim, governor of Dakahlia, who went to colleagues in the police station Jamsa to contain
Position, and not to release a record against the mentioned MP

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