The head of the "Metro" visits the workshop for railway maintenance in the first row

Engineer Ali Al-Fadali, president of Metro Company, accompanied by Eng. Khaled Sabra, Managing Director of Operation and Maintenance, Ned. Sayed Al Husseini, deputy head of the company for the operation of the first line,

Al-Fadhli inspected the heavy and light Umrah sections to check the state of maintenance of the trains in the workshop and to ensure to ensure that the work is fully carried out after all extensive technical tests and urgent and simple maintenance. Check for availability

The "Fadhali" confirmed that no train came from the workshops unless it confirmed safety to maintain the safety and safety of passengers, and to maintain the movement of the operation of trains.

Chairman of the Metro Company congratulated all employees in the maintenance departments in the workshop.

Eng. Khalid Sabra, Managing Director of Operation and Maintenance, explained that all spare parts are available in the maintenance shop for the maintenance work needed for the trains.

And "patience" that he will be GS teams maintenance and emergency services in all docks stations three lines during the Eid al-Adha, and will pay additional trains peak hours, confirming the safety and regularity of the movement and the absence of any obstacles that would threaten the execution of flights.

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