The latest news today is the launch of the training program for teachers of the first classes in South Sinai

Mohammed Akl, director general of the Directorate for Education in South Sinai, has announced that, as part of the Ministry's interest in developing education in the first degrees of the state plan for the development of education, the activities of the first class program for primary education started on Sunday evening with the new education 2.0 system.
Aqel said the training schedule is planned in two phases: the first from 2018826 to 2018828, in three halls: Saad Zaghloul primary school Ras Sidr, targeting 26 trainees, and the second center of science and technology, targeting 36 trainees, Abu Abi Talib in Dahab, aimed at 30 trainees, to be the total teachers who were assigned 92 trainees during this phase.
He added that the second phase will be launched in the period from 2018829 to 2018831, in four halls the reconnaissance center and the preparatory flowers in the Sinai, in Aburidis Amraban school Khatab, and the fourth in the school of Abu Zneime are secondary, and the second phase founded 114 teachers.
The first day was characterized by positive interaction and witnessed the admiration of teachers of the new system and was followed up by the directors of educational departments commissioned by the State Secretary of the Ministry.

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