The latest news today … The start of the signing of the medical research of new students at the University of Kafr El – Sheikh

The University of Kafr El-Sheikh starts on Sunday, Sunday, the signing of the medical research of the new students nominated by the head coordination office to join students at the faculties in the first and second phase students and transfers, and the Institute for technical nursing in the academic year 2018/2019.

The university said Tuesday in a statement that the work starts at 9 o'clock in the Fouad Badr Stadium and that the medical examination is signed on the students of the candidates at the headquarters of the medical department of the university.

The statement added: "This must be done in time for the start of the medical examination, and students who have not received the form of medical examinations from their colleges to bring a personal picture and the origin of the nomination card before they start signing medical research.

Dr. Majid Al-Qamri, president of the university, stressed for his part the importance of signing the medical examination of the students to ensure their safety and to provide all means of health care for them, with the emphasis on the need to to take all measures and preparations for the reception of new students.

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