The random positions of peace raise the price of £ 15 for Eid in the absence of censorship

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At the same time, the Government of Cairo confirms the control over the provinces' positions to avoid raising the passenger fare on the citizens, complaining a large number of increasing the fare's rate inside and outside the peace position, where the fare is £ 15 on some lines was increased, as confirmed by citizens, especially because tomorrow are the first days Eid al-Adha, where the positions of the provinces are overloaded with a large number of passengers, which some drivers benefit from and the rate of the ride increase.

Lift the rate outside the stands at 15 pounds

A number of passengers said that the drivers were outside the peace standard with an arbitrary position at the bottom of the ring road and the rate usually raised 15 pounds, in addition to bringing the situation before the eyes of everyone, explaining that they were in charge of the complained.

Passenger congestion after charging the fare

The situation witnessed a crowded number of passengers, some of whom refused to drive because of the increase in the fare rate and demanded the presence of police and military personnel to solve the problem, especially on the eastern lines and a number of provinces.

The dissemination of arbitrary positions for the position of peace

And monitor the "seventh day" there are a number of random positions deployed for the new peace position, which affect the movement of passengers in the situation, in addition to the lack of control, which is witnessing an increase in the rate of the ride without supervision.

The governor of Cairo, Atef Abdul Hamid, during his visit to the situation yesterday, canceling the random positions for the peace position under the bridging ring, and launched campaigns of the service and traffic probes to prevent their presence and car & # 39; s to force the situation.

Complaints from directors of arbitrary positions

A large number of drivers complained about the position of peace from the arbitrary positions that are being executed and robbing them of their customers, and demands the need to control positions outside the peace position and to prevent unauthorized cars from being outside or in the situation.

The situation was busier because the passengers refused to step in after raising the fare, they also demanded that they become stricter and that they are tied to the known fare.

Free internal service corridors of cars

On the seventh day there was no presence of internal service vans carrying territories within the government of Cairo, in the designated areas of the situation, and the spreading of these cars in the random positions outside the situation to avoid the root. pay and collect from abroad at random.

Control drivers who increase the rite rate

For its part, Brigadier General Muawadh, Mr Arafat, said that the management of the situation noted that some drivers increased the passenger fare during the day and refused to stick to the outstanding passenger fare within the situation.

Campaigns on random situations

The director of the new peace service, for the "seventh day, that the administration has released high fines and violations of a large number of drivers to increase the fare's rate, the total value of several thousand, noting that the traffic police and service people to random positions outside the position to capture went about the infringing car & # 39; s and the release of irregularities for the drivers to load them from places where they may not be loaded.

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