The reconstruction of Sinai is my task assigned by the political leadership

Major General Mohamed Abdel-Fadil Shousha, the new governor of North Sinai, said that the mission of the political leadership is the development and reconstruction of Sinai, adding that the national strategy of the province in the coming period will be development and reconstruction. is through the implementation of national projects in different sectors in different centers of the province.

During his Sunday meeting with the Executive Council of the province in the presence of the former Governor General Abdul-Fattah Harhour, Shousha said that the North Sinai will witness a major development wave in the coming period and that development in one or two steps precedes safety. The course of events to be followed during the next phase.

The governor emphasized that each department or department concerned draws up a timetable for the work and presents it to the definition of the directorate and the various departments and the final position of the subjects that work on it, emphasizing that every decision of the former governor is valid and is irreversible.

He called on all employees in the directorates, central departments and various government departments to adhere to and take up discipline in the work and to carry out the work in an integrated manner with transparency and clarity and to incorporate the existing capabilities of the employees. blow.

In turn, Maj. Gen. Abdel Fattah Harhour, former governor of North Sinai, gave the executive and all the staff of the province outstanding performance during the period in which the province took over, despite the surrounding conditions. He pointed out that the selection of Major General Shousha as governor of North Sinai in that period was a good choice because he was in possession of a Ph.D. Sinai development, and that the next phase must apply this message on the spot.

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