The regular navigation movement in the ports of the Red Sea and the arrival of 63 thousand tons of wheat to the port of Safaga

The Red Seaport Authority announced the regularity of shipping traffic in the six ports of the Authority in the three provinces of Suez, Red Sea and South Sinai, with the movement of passengers and freight and unloading on the cages.
On Sunday, the Authority stated in a statement that the Commission's operational center follows the meteorological organization on the climate and geomatics map to maintain the regularity and safety of shipping.
It pointed out that the Safaga port today receives the ship "Wadi Sidr" with 63 thousand tonnes of Russian wheat on behalf of the Commodity Supply Authority, where the competent authorities in the port do the necessary to inspect the consignment to ensure safety before it unloading, and three other ships will receive (Riyadh, Freedom, Poseidon Express), while the port of Nuweiba will receive the arrival and departure of the ships Eile and Bridge.

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