The seventh day Urgent – "Top media" sets 11 criteria for the preparation of his report on the situation in Egypt

Gamal Shawki, chairman of the Complaints Committee of the Supreme Media Management Board, confirmed that the committee preparing the bi-annual media report has finished preparing it. He added that the report contains a report on the violations of newspapers and screens and special report on freedom of opinion and expression.

Jamal Shawki said in a statement on "the seventh day" approved by the Committee for Freedom of View and Expression in his work in the preparation of the report on 11 criteria, including the extent to which Egyptian society enjoys freedom of opinion and expression through the various media, noting that one of the criteria does not prevent any form of discrimination The writer did not delete any article, besides the lack of pressure on the book in any form and the freedom of all political movements in the expressing their opinions in the various media and not to limit the media in the field of their work and the lack of complaints to prevent the media from carrying out their duties.

Gamal Shawqi, head of the complaints committee of the High Council for Media Management, said that the committee that prepares the media report examines the official position on possible restrictions on journalists by the Journalists and Media Syndicate.

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