There are no signs of criminal violence in the deaths of British tourists in Hurghada

Egypt: no signs of criminal violence in the death of two British tourists in Hurghada The news observatory quoted RT Arabic (Russia Today) We publish to you Egypt: no signs of criminal violence in the death of British tourists in Hurghada, Egypt: no signs of criminal violence in the death of British tourists in Hurghada You have no signs of criminal violence in the deaths of two British tourists in Hurghada.

A report from the office of the Egyptian Attorney General Nabil Sadiq said Friday that the autopsy report confirmed the absence of signs of criminal violence or resistance in the incident of the death of British tourists in Hurghada.

The Egyptian Attorney General said that the competent authorities have taken the necessary samples to conduct tests to determine the cause of death, noting that the results will be announced immediately.

The statement added that after the Prosecution received a notification of the death of tourists from the United Kingdom, the Prosecutor's office moved to their hotel in Hurghada and carried out the necessary investigation and the two bodies and the custody of their personal belongings. and witnesses and the mandate of forensic medicine was to find out the causes of death.

The prosecutor general's office pointed out that the deceased arrived in the city of Hurghada on 14 August 2018 as part of a tourist delegation of 11 people, while leaving only 5 people on 22 August, according to the pre-specified tourism program and 6 others left the country on 27 August 2018.

For its part, the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism announced Friday that the death of a British tourist and his wife in the province of Hurghada (northeast) is normal and that there are no suspicions of crime.

According to a statement from the Ministry of Tourism, "The deceased English nationality of a tourist claims James Cooper, 69 years old, and his wife, Susan Cooper, 64 years old"

The statement said that the English tourist died in his hotel room in a hotel in Hurghada on Tuesday morning and after the medical examination it turned out that he had a sharp drop in blood circulation and a sudden stop in the heart muscle.

The ministry said the health inspector had identified the body and confirmed the medical report that was the cause of death to prevent sudden cardiac outbursts and respiratory functions, confirming the absence of any criminal suspicion.

The statement said Susan Cooper, 64, was taken to the hospital in a fainting state in a state of fainting and had heart surgery for 30 minutes, but after the body was discovered, the cause of death appeared to prevent circulatory system and functions. Her breathing, claiming that there is also no criminal suspicion.

The Public Prosecution Service previously gave orders to listen to their daughter's statements, autopsize the bodies and take legal action and inform the British Embassy in Cairo to take action to move the bodies and finish their papers. to make.

On Tuesday, two British tourists died in a hotel in Hurghada and the tour operator decided to remove all of its customers from the hotel until safety and prevention procedures were confirmed, according to an earlier statement by Thomas Cook.

Egypt relies on tourism as one of the hard currency sources and seeks to promote it after the decline in revenues due to the political and security nuisance experienced by the country since the January 2011 revolution.

Source: "Al Ahram" Egyptian + agencies

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source: RT Arabic (Russia today)

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