They were captured in Ismailia with heroin and estrox

The security services of the Ismailia Security Directorate, together with the officers of the third police station, managed to arrest the unemployed with a quantity of heroin and anthrox while in the Sheikh Zayed area.

Major General Mohammed Ali Hussein, Assistant Interior Minister for Ismaili Security, received a notification from Brigadier General Mohammad Fawzi, director of the Criminal Investigation Department, stating that Major General Mohammed Jamal, head of investigations of a third police department, defendant Mustafa had arrested. A third was charged in four cases on charges of "drugs – stealing – a white weapon", the latter case on charges of "theft" and possession of a half kilogram of Astrox drug, and money, and a cell phone, and accused " Osama P. A 21-year-old resident of Cloth Street is a third department with a quantity of heroin dust, 150 anesthesia tablets, money and a mobile phone.

The defendants confessed to possessing drugs for human trafficking, money from sales proceeds and mobile phones to facilitate their contact with their customers. A declaration of the incident is released and they are offered to the Public Prosecution Service to investigate and take legal action against them.

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