Today, "National Research" organizes the National Forum for the Development of Small Enterprises

Organized on Sunday, the center
National Research Center, the second national forum under the title "Development of medium-sized enterprises
And small and micro industrial companies, in collaboration with the Project Development Authority
SMEs, the Egyptian ICT fund,
And the ministry of delivery and internal trade, at the headquarters of the center

Dr. Ashraf Shaalan confirmed
President of the Center in a press statement, that the forum comes after the success of the first national forum
"Development of small and medium-sized farms", held last April,
Explain that small, medium and small industrial projects are among the most important growth factors
Economic growth, more employment, less unemployment and poverty reduction

For her part, she said
Wafa Hajjaj, head of Agricultural Research and Biological Research Center: the purpose of the forum is
To promote the dissemination of the culture of the implementation of medium and small industrial projects and the transfer of technologies
Develop and implement training programs to increase the efficiency of management and development to achieve the goals
The transfer of technologies and training in the management of economically successful industrial projects
Profitable with a focus on certain categories, such as women and young people

She explained the theme's of the forum
Will address the current status of small and medium enterprises, development perspectives and non-traditional ideas
And the creation of new jobs and their role in the development of the Egyptian economy and the setting up of industrial clusters
Integrated and exchange of industry-leading experiences with business initiatives and civil society organizations
When making small projects available

She said that the forum would be discussed
In addition to legislation on small and medium-sized enterprises and the role of information technology
Support for SME entrepreneurs, strategic and future visions,
Noting the signing of a number of cooperation protocols with some institutions involved in the development of projects
Middle and small on the sidelines of the forum

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