Transport: the distance between the new and old prairie is implemented according to the timetable

The media spokesperson for the Ministry of Transport, Mohamed Ezz, said that the work of the dual distance between the new and old Al-Marg stations and the renovation and development of the new Al-Marg Al-Jadida metro station is being carried out according to the planned timetable, indicating that the two projects should be ready by the end of December.

Ezz said in a statement on Wednesday that these works are part of the plan to develop the first line of the subway, where the ministry is working to improve the service to subway passengers, noting that the work of implementing the double distance between the stations of the Old and the New Marj Metro cost 19.3 million euros and 96 Million pounds.

He pointed out that this overlap contributes to the elimination of passenger congestion on the sidewalks of the first-line stations, in particular the new stations of Al-Marj and Marj, which suffer from passenger density, the length of this distance is 1.3 km and after the double reduction of the 10 minute flow time at this distance will be up to 3.5 minutes, point out that the double contribution will contribute to reaching the time of flight from Helwan to the new lawn to the standard time of 75 minutes , which absorbs the high passenger density.

The Ministry of Transport spokesman said the renovation and development of the new Al-Marg plant cost a total of about LE 100 million, indicating that the importance of developing this station is due to the fact that this station is characterized by a high passenger density, which means that the development of this station has a positive effect on operational efficiency and the level of service for travelers.

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