Two children sink into a drain in Suez. Governor cancels holiday celebrations (photo & # 39; s)

Two children drowned in a drainage system in Suez. The governor cancels the celebration of the Eid (photo & # 39; s) Manchit news of today's Egyptian trade, where we strive to make your newspaper always beautiful and sparkling. work between the social networking sites to bring you all the events from moment to moment, because we give the latest news "Arabic and international", because we also care about the latest Arab problems. Two children drowned in a sewer drainage in Suez. The governor cancels the celebrations of the party (photo & # 39; s) and leaves two children in a sewer sink in Suez. The governor cancels Eid celebrations (photo & # 39; s). We hope, on the other hand, to get everyone impressed and we hope that you will be impressed by our work to bring you the latest news

Manchit – News and news about Suez, Ismailia and Port Said went on like this [19659003] Two children were drowned in a cesspool in a suburb.

Major General Mohammed Gad, the police chief, received reports on the deaths of two children, Sandy Mohammed Abdo and Abdul Rahman Mohammed Fawzi, after they had fallen into a sewer.

A number of parents spoke about the two children playing together, And fell into the sink that was undressed, and that the two children

A passerby saw the bodies of the two children on Saturday morning and gave a report of the incident.

Two children sank in the sewers in Suez – August 18, 2019

The governor of Suez, Major General Ahmed Mohamed Hamed, decided to organize the manifestations of Eid al- Cancel Adha celebrations, in solidarity with the families of the two children.

The governor appointed a commission to the "And decided on the basis of his report to refer the incident to the prosecutor's office for investigation, and to stop the head of the Suez Strip Holding for Drinking Water and Wastewater and Facilities Supervisor in Faisal district for work until the conclusion of the Public Prosecutor's Office

Two children who sink into the sewers in Suez – August 18, 2018

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Source: The Egyptian today

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