Two monks accused of murdering a monastery commander in Egypt

The Egyptian Attorney General, Nabil Sadiq, on Sunday ordered the handing over of two monks – one of which was recently stripped of the monastic order – for a criminal trial for the murder of Abba Ebanian, the head of the Anba Mecar monastery at the end of last month. a case that turned Egyptian society upside down.

The Attorney General said in a statement that the Attorney General referred to the monk Faltouas al-Maqari and his name before the monastic order Raymond Mansour Mansur and Wael Saad, a monk who was stripped after the event by the Coptic Orthodox Church and known stood like a church in the name of Isaiah al-Maqari.

The statement said that the investigation by the court in Alexandria "revealed that they killed the victim, Abba Epifanios Bishop and the head of the monastery of Anba Mkar in Wadi al-Natroun" on July 29.

The statement added that Saad admitted in the investigations that he agreed to the crime one month before the deployment with the monk Vltaws, and then Saad broke three consecutive blows on the back of the head of the 64-year Abebanius iron stick " to kill his soul "on the way to The Monastery to perform Sunday Mass while the other guarded the road.

Prosecutors reported that the autopsy report showed that the death of Anba Epivanius was caused by "traumatic head injuries, fractures, bleeding and skull injuries."

Ideological and financial differences
According to local reports, the accused recently confessed that he had killed the bishop because of "doctrinal and financial differences." The monk tried to commit suicide this month after his fellow monk was stripped of his arm and thrown from a building in the monastery of Anba Macarre. His colleagues were in a critical condition.

The murder of Pope Abebanius led the Coptic Orthodox Church to impose 12 decrees to control the monastic life in the monasteries, including the admission of new monks, the banning of monks to leave the monasteries without official permission, the prevention of clergy of media appearances and using social media.

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