Two students were arrested for publishing and deliberating secondary questions in a second role in Sohag

The officers of the Directorate General for Information Technology and Computer Crime of South Upper Egypt succeeded in arresting two students for various attacks on the application of the "Watts Ab" to answer the questions and answers of the high school exams in the second phase in Balbina. South of Sohag to publish and distribute.

Major General Hisham El Shafei, Safety Director at Sohag, received a report confirming the validity of the investigation "that phone users are asking for the introduction of different access ports to the" Watsab "application for the questions and answers of secondary high examinations. to publish and distribute.

The payment was made by an official of the joint administration and officers of the Al-Balina Police Investigation Unit, which resulted in the confiscation of Farghal. P. An 18 students[Yearoffirst-timeuseofthetelephoneIhabNAAand18year-olduseofthetelephonelineswonlywindOlduAl-Balinaandinpossessionofmobilephones[سنةمستخدمالخطالتليفونيالأولوإيهابناع18سنةطالبمستخدمالخطالتليفونيالثانيويقيمانبناحيةأولادعليودائرةمركزالبليناوبحوزتهماالهواتفالمحمولةالمستخدمة[JaarvaneerstetelefoongebruikerenIhabNAEen18-jarigegebruikervandetweedetelefoonlijnenwoonachtigindewijkOladuAl-Balinaeninbezitvanmobieletelefoons[سنةمستخدمالخطالتليفونيالأولوإيهابناع18سنةطالبمستخدمالخطالتليفونيالثانيويقيمانبناحيةأولادعليودائرةمركزالبليناوبحوزتهماالهواتفالمحمولةالمستخدمة

A survey on mobile phones revealed the presence of many of the patients on the application of the Watsab and the publication of photo's of high school exams and their reaction on the second round to the two accused, which resulted in the arrest, recognizing the incident to help their friends.The first added that the phone line of his brother Bassam is. P. P. The second also added that the telephone line of his nephew is Hani Hani. A. M. They live in the same area and work in the state of Kuwait, the seizures are reserved and released from this record no. 4922, 4923, director of the Al-Balina Center for the year 2018. The offer is submitted to the public prosecution service.

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