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Urgent .. The fact of the birth of a child "pregnant" in Assiut

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Urgent .. The fact of the birth of a child "pregnant" in Assiut from the sunrise, on Saturday, September 29, 2018.

Dr. Mohamed Abdelkader Osman, professor of pediatric surgery at Assiut University Children's Hospital, said that the birth of a pregnant child in Assiut is rare, not more than one in a million.

He added during a telephone intervention for the program "Evening Dream" on Dream TV, with the media Mona Farouk, that the girl "promised" had a tumor in the abdomen, and was treated, and found the presence of a fetus in the intestines of the young girl, It was decided to perform emergency surgery and the fetus was removed from the belly of the baby.

The professor of pediatric surgery pointed out that the disorder is a twin that is divided into a placenta and that gives an artery, one is weak and the other strong, and during sleep is a revolving movement of the fetus, the fetus was confined during the growth and contained in all respects.

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