Video .. An Egyptian expatriate tells the details of his persecution of the authorities in Qatar

Wednesday, September 19,

A window on the world – Nabil Mustafa, an Egyptian citizen living in Doha, told details about the intransigence of the authorities in Qatar, saying that he was forbidden to leave the emirate or work there and live there without shelter and some source of income.

He said during a phone call to the public opinion program, TEN, on Tuesday evening, that the Qatari authorities insist on returning to not repay one of the loans received from the National Bank of Qatar, and tell the Egyptian authorities that they are take a cover to punish Deviant opinion leaders.

He explained that after receiving a loan from the bank he had terminated his services, that he had no other job, that he also had his financial obligations and refused to travel to any country abroad. "I can not describe the suffering that I have lived there for two and a half years without income or shelter."

He said that if the authorities had let him work in the past two and a half years, he would have been able to repay the loan because his salary in that period was more than 700,000 riyals. "I have not refrained from paying the loan, they have prevented me from doing this," he said.

He continued: «There are official documents that the issue is security and not because of the failure of the loan, they just wanted to humiliate», pointing to the questions during the investigation of his son, who works as a police officer in Egypt.

He pointed to the bank's involvement in the case by issuing more than one check despite the fact that he had only one financial transaction with him, so he filed a complaint with the ILO, but it did not work, because it related to the laws of a state. National, because of these behaviors that led to persecution and intransigence towards him.

Source: Shorouk Gate

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