Video and photo & # 39; s .. Necessity "Laila" months in the city of Sharqia led 1000 natural birth

"Laila Ismail Hammad "65 years old of Manshaet Nasser village Awlad Saqr, Sharqia, the oldest and best-known child in the children of Saqr, 40 years in the obstetric profession,.

"Day Seven" met her house in the village of Manshir Nasser, the center of children Sakr Oriental, to tell the story of 40 years in the profession and despite the retirement age of 5 years, but still touched the door of women.

"She got a diploma in 1968 from the generators' school on the board of Sohag, and her father, Rahma Allah, encouraged teaching, and she did not prevent her from studying, especially because she wished she was still young. was to wear, and joined the post-elementary school, which no longer exists, and that she learned the rules of obstetrics until she became the oldest born in her position.

"Natural birth is difficult in the first time, and is better than delivering a caesarean section 1000 times, because it allows the mother to move the day after birth and breastfeeding is easy for her and for the baby 15 hours to give birth where the process begins, unlike the birth of the second time you need two to four hours, explaining that the birth time was much simpler than now, because the lady suffocated and worked all day in the field without enough food, What makes the birth of nature easier, but now the situation is different with Donc going to the air of the first month of pregnancy and taking drugs, and here is the delivery cesarean section, which women think is easier than normal..

"I had leave from Sohag and my aunt's wife was in pain, I asked my uncle to take charge of her birth Nobody in the village knew that I was studying at the generator school First I was afraid of my uncle, But was trusted in 10 minutes later, his wife was born in a child is a high school, and from here was the beginning of her reputation in the village and the neighboring villages, and was able to more than 1000 women in the village and to generate the wives of her children and her husband & # 39; s sisters and the whole family, and bore over 30 women giving birth to twins.

She explained: there is no simpler than the birth of twins provided that the situation is normal and the situation is normal, but by experience if I find the situation difficult, I pass it on to the nearest female doctors deal with, after diagnosis of the situation, especially that the child is an abnormal situation or I was born as a 16-year-old woman, and after the delivery during the separation of the umbilical cord of the fetus, I found it very large, and the first case was over , and I wrapped it with gauze, and sent his father to the Zagazig University Hospital, and I was surprised that The doctor said that she thanked the lady who gave birth to her, because she drew it so and it became clear. So as part of the guts of the baby stem from the mother's need, many internists and other non-female specialists, my children, would rather see my presence producing their wives. They did not hear me and although I was five years old, The child, but the ladies were still talking to my father about the request to be born, and I did not want a woman to call me.

And the birth price, confirmed that it is a matter of appreciation of people and vary from person to person, and have no fixed wages, and when most cases were compliments to their owners and relatives, and any money given to them by the people , and often was tolerated and tolerated in law if the family is poor..

And the most pleasant positions that were exposed to the "Laila" curse, said when I went to the birth of a lady, then 5 daughters and bore a man, amazed that the people of the house kiss everything, humiliate him and kiss, joy of the newborn, and vice versa, She had a daughter and was pregnant, and in the past there was no sonar to do radiation, and no one knew that the woman was pregnant with 3 children, all girls, the first was withdrawn and I found no happiness on the family's face. , From the grief of the family, the time when people were more pleased with the male memory, but now the three girls are dead. He was a scholar and a source of happiness for their father, but he did not know that at the time of their birth.

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