"Waqf Short" assigns yield of sacrificial tissue to patients "C"

"Awqaf Al Qusair" assigns the proceeds of the Sacrifice to the patients of "Si" The Charter, quoting Al Watan, we publish "Awqaf Al Qusair". News Today through our charter and starting with the most important news, "Korte Awqaf" assigns proceeds from sacrificial skin to patients of "C".

The Awqaf administration, in coordination with the local unit, collected the victims' wares after they had given them to the mosques to allocate their income for the benefit of the patients of the C virus.

General-General Yousef al-Shahed, head of the city of Al-Qusayr, said today that the slaughter of the sacrifices was carried out by the automatic massacre. The slaughter was followed and the water was cleaned and cleaned inside and out and all parts of the city were inspected.

He emphasized the importance of identifying slaughtering and tracing the cadavers and identifying the meat that is not suitable. He called for the control of the carcasses and a good detection on the face and face.

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