We publish the complete movement of the new leaders of the places in different government offices

Major General Mahmoud Shaarawi, Minister for Local Development, published the largest nomination and movement movement in the municipalities for the current year 2018, including 111 leaders in the various local authorities in the provinces at the level of the Republic.

And included 75 new local leaders in all governments and the mobilization of 36 local leaders to take advantage of their experience in the development of work centers and cities, as well as 12 Secretary General of the Province and 10 Secretaries General Assistants and 61 Head of Center and the city and 25 district leaders, namely:

1. Mahmoud Ziauddin Issa Afifi Abdelmajeed as head of district Al-Basateen – Cairo

2. Jamal Mohamed Mohie Saad Abdel Hamid as head of Al-Mousky district – Cairo

3. Alaa al-Din Khalil Mohammed Ali as head of Al-Khalifa district – Cairo

4. Hisham Mohamed Ali Al-Saadi, President of the Amiriya District, Cairo

5. Ali Abdulla Hamed Abdullah Head of the Al-Marg – Cairo district

6. Ehab Mohammed Rashad Ahmed Makkawi, head of the Dokki district, Giza

7. Khalid Sami Mohammed Ezzar, head of the Al-Omrania district, Giza

8. Hussein Labib Hussein Attieh, head of the center of Al-Badrashin, Giza

9. Yasser Mohammed Samy Salem Ali Madin Head of South Giza – Giza

10. Hanee Shaaban Abdelmatti Hassanein Al-Anani, head of the Bulaq Dakrour district – Giza

11. Hamdy Abdel-Alim Hassan Shama head of the first park – Alexandria

12. Wahid Al-Maamoon Mustafa Al-Hadari, head of the center and more of Shubrakhit

13. Essam Abdel Aal Mohamed Bahaa El Din Head of the city center Shebin El Koum – Menoufia

14. Emad Hamdi Hafez Abdullah Head of Al-Bagour City and Al-Monoufia

15. Ahmed Ibrahim Ahmed Hassanein Alqazzaz President of the city and Ashmoun – Menoufia

16. Khalid Fawzi Fouad Ibrahim, head of the second district of Mahalla – West

17. Ahmed Abdel-Monsef Ibrahim Al-Far head of the center and the city of Damietta

18. Khaled Ismail Abdel Fattah Ali Mahgoub President of Mansoura City Center – Dakahlia

19. Walid Al-Sayed Ahmed Al-Madawi Mustafa head of the center and the city of Arish – North Sinai

20. Mohamed Kamal Bahloul Khalil, President of Beni Suef Center and City, Beni Suef

21. Fadi Wadih Nicola Samaan Head of the city of Mallawi – Minya

22. Taj Jalal Omar Mohammed Salman, president of Abnoub City Center – Assiut

23. Majed Al-Sayed Ahmed Ali Hassan, head of the city center Naga Hammadi-Qena

24. Abdullah Atef Abdullah Al-Meligy President of Aswan City Center – Aswan

25. Mohamed Mahmoud Ibrahim Soushah President of the center and the city of Bayadiya – Luxor

26. Essam El Din Ahmed Abdel Hamid El Leithy Secretary General of the Damietta Government

27. Magdy Mohamed Abdo El-Waseef, president of Shoubra El-Kheima City, Kaliobeya

28. Fawzi Mohammed Salah Al-Din Al-Husseini Supervision of the President of the Dar Al-Salam district – Cairo

29. Nasser Fathi Abdel Salam Mohamed supervision of the head of the center and the city of Mti – Minya

30. Atef Mohamed Kamel Wagdy accompanies the president of the city of Marsa Alam – Red Sea

31. Ehab Mohamed Raafat Mohamed Fasih Abdel Wahab Leader of the head of the northern district of Hurghada – Red Sea

32. Ahmed Mohamed Abdel Fattah El Sayed as head of the center and city of Ayat Giza Governorate

33. Ghareeb Ahmad Ali Aref as head of the Khanka center and city in the Qalyoubia government

34. Amal Fawzi Mujahid Jaballah as the head of the city of Qaha in the Qalyubiya Government

35. Emad Abdel Maqsoud Mohamed El Dakrouri is the head of Rachid Center and City at Beheira Governorate

36. Mohamed Gamal Adel Sayed Ahmed El-Magbir President of the center and city of Delengat in the province of the lake

37. Medhat Mohammed Mohammed Al-Zaghd Head of the center and the government of Wadi Al-Natroun, Behira Governorate

38. Yasser Mohamed Mohamed Amer, head of the city center of Sidi Barani on the board of Matrouh

39. Sahar Shaaban Hanafi Mahmoud, president of Sars El-Layan, Governorate Menoufia

40. Ziauddin Abdulhamid Qutb God is the head of the city and martyrs in Monofiya Governorate

41. Khaled Hamed Al-Arifi Sayed Ahmed, President of the Center and City of Tala, Governance of Menoufia

42. Samir Sidqi Imam Lutfi as head of the city of Ras al-Bar in the Damietta government

43. Hani Mohamed Mohamed Ibrahim Mehanna head of the center and city of Belqas, Dakahlia government

44. Metwally Abdel-Al Metwally Abdel-Al as head of the city and the city of Aga Dakahlia Governorate

45. Yasser Mahmoud Abdul Ghani Al-Za & Waili Head of the Center of Rafah and Governorate in the Government of North Sinai

46. ​​Mabrouk Mohammed Mabrouk Al-Ghamraini as Head of the City of Abu Zenaima in South Sinai

47. Hossam Jamal El Din Mohamed El Shaer as head of the city of Ras Sidr in South Sinai

48. Tariq Mohammed Badr El-Baz, head of the city of Dahab, South-Sinai government

49. Noman Ali Noman Ali, head of the Al Zohour district, Port Said Governorate

50. Essam Abdel Ghani Ali Ghanem as President of Port Fouad City in Port Said Governorate

51. Wael Mahmoud Mohamed Hamza Fahmy, head of the first district Ismailia, Ismailia Governorate

52. Tariq Shukri Boulos Girgis President of Fayed City Center in the Ismailia governorate

53. Faten Ibrahim Mohamed Abdel-Azim as Head of the Faisal District in the Suez Governorate

54. Ayman Mohamed El Sayed El Sayed, head of the Abu Kabeer city center in the Sharkia government

55. Mohamed Mohamed Hefny Mohamed El Safi as head of Faqous city center in Sharkia Governorate

56. Fadi Yousif Luka Awad Head of Al Husseiniya Center and city in the Sharkia government

57. Ehab Zheni Mohamed Ibrahim Head of the city center of Maghagha in the Minya government

58. Mohamed Helmy Mohamed Mohamed as head of the East Assiut district, Assiut Governorate

59. Yasser Jalal Ahmed Zayed as head of Al-Badari Center and City, Assiut Governorate

60. Omar Mahmoud El Shafei Al-Akret President of the city of Sedfa in the Assiut government

61. Mohamed Ragab Khairi Mohamed El Faham as head of El Farafra Center and City in El Wadi El Gadid Governorate

62. Kamal Ibrahim Abdel Aziz Hassan, head of Dakhla Center and City, New Valley Governorate

63. Farida Sayed Salam Sayed as head of the district Sohag West, Sohag Governorate

64. Mohammed Mohammed Ahmed Abu Alainin Hagras Head of the Center and the City of Akhmeem, Sohag Governorate

65. Mohamed Mahmoud Sayed Abdel Aal President of the Nasr City Center and the city of Aswan

66. Saber Hussain Mohamed Ibrahim, president of Kalabsha City, Aswan Governorate

67. Magdy Hassan Ali Mohamed El Tamawy as president of El Kharga City Center – New Valley

68. Ayman El Said Mohamed Abdel Baqi, President of the Center and City Manshaet El Qanater, Giza

69. Salwa Zaki Rajab Ali President of the center and the city of Hoss Issa – Lake

70. Mohamed Ali Mohammed Khamis Head of Al Mahmoudiyah City Center – Al-Beheira

71. Majed Amer Ali Amer Head of the first district of Tanta – West

72. Majed Mohammed Ahmed and Nice head of the center and the city of Hassana – Sinai

73. Nasrallah Mohamed Nasrallah Moussa Head of the center and the city of Nakhl – Sinai

74. Ehab Sayed Mohamed Farghaly President of Beaar El Abd City Center & City – Sinai

75. Kamal Abdel Tawab Salome Mohamed, president of Youssef El Seddik City Center – Fayoum

76. Tariq Lutfi Hussein Ahmed as head of the city Bosayliya Bahri – Aswan

77. Hassan Mohamed Safwat Hassan Mawafi Deputy Secretary-General of the Fayoum Government

78. Walid Sayed Saleh Al-Bayli Deputy Secretary-General of the Qena Governorate

79. Amir Mohamed Mohamed El Amir Ahmed Head of Shoubra East Neighborhood El Kheima

80. Tamer Said Mohamed Mohamed Ayad Secretary General of Matrouh Governorate

81. Abdelkader Abdel Khalek Abdelkader El Noury ​​Deputy Secretary-General of the Government of Cairo

82. Alaa Mustafa Awad Badran Deputy Secretary-General of Giza Governorate

83. Mohamed Abdel Wahab Attia Abdo El Saadany Deputy Secretary General for the Qalyoubia Government

84. Hamdy Mahmoud Mahmoud El Hashash Deputy Secretary-General of the Alexandria Government

85. Ahmed Zaki Raafat Abdel Wahab Deputy Secretary-General of the Dakahlia government

86. Hamed Mahmoud Zayed Habila, deputy secretary general of the Sharkia government

87. Nabil Mohammed Al-Tibi Mahmoud Ali Deputy Secretary-General of Assiut Governorate

88. Alaa Rashad Mohammed Hefni Deputy Secretary-General of Sohag Governorate

89. Hossam Mohamed Metwally Mohamed Shaheen Head of May 15, Cairo

90. Khaled Mohamed El Mohamady Abdel Halim Head of the Tora – Cairo district

91. Maher Mohammed Kamel Ibrahim, president of Bab El-Shaareya district, Cairo

92. Hani Mohammed Reda Abdel Halim Badawi head of the pyramid – Giza

93. Khaled Juma Abd al-Rahman Attiya, head of Damanhour city center and more

94. Ashraf Mohamed Hassanein Mowafi as head of the city center of Quesna – Monoufia

95. Khaled Hassan Marsa Hassan Head of the city and the city of Desouk – Kafr El Sheikh

96. Hisham Ali Ibrahim El Taweel is president of the center and the city of Belbeis-Sharqia

97. Ashraf Mohamed Hassan Elbeh Head of Assiut City Center – Assiut

98. Abdel Rahman Abdel Hamid Mohamed Elshahawy Secretary General of the province of the lake

99. Ahmed Basiony Mohamed Zeid Secretary General of the Government of Alexandria

100. Hisham Ahmed Ali Shadow Secretary-General of the Gharbia government

101. Osama Ahmed El Sayed El Ghandour Secretary General of the North Sinai Government

102. Kamal Mohamed Ali Mustafa Shalabi Secretary General of the Qena Governorate

103. Yusri Abdel Moneim Khader Abdel Rahman Secretary General of Sohag Governorate

104. Tamer Mohamed Tawfiq Abou El Naga Supervising Assistant General Secretary – Beni Suef Governorate

105. Nabil Abdel Rahman Mansour Abdel Samie President of the western district of Alexandria – Alexandria Governorate

106. Awad Ahmed Ali Ahmed Abdel Ghani Supervision of the secretary general of the Qalioubia government

107. Hussein Ahmed Kamal Hussein El-Gendy Secretary General of the Sharkia Government

108. Hazem Mohamed Ezzat Ismail Ali Secretary General of the Aswan Government

109. Ahmed Ali Abdel Aziz Marzouq President of the city center of Kafr El Dawar – Beheira Governorate

110. Shaker Mohamed Mostafa Younis Supervision of the Sharabia – Cairo district

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