"Youth and motherhood" manages to thwart the marriage of a girl with a dangerous registrar in the lake

The National Council for Youth and Maternity succeeded in obstructing the marriage of a 12-year-old boy of a 32-year-old hazard register in a village on the lake after receiving a hotline at the Council (16000)

. . Azza al-Ashmawi, Secretary-General of the National Council for Youth and Motherhood, said that as soon as the Council received the communication, she immediately communicated with the General Directorate of Human Rights in the attorney general's office. He responded immediately and in turn he founded the Assistant Minister of Home Affairs. To the human rights sector to implement the decree of the Public Prosecution Service [1969002] Al-Ashmawi thanked the Attorney General for his quick response to the communication that would have been successful in opposing marriage.

She noted that the incident was due The girl's father decided to take her with him after his divorce from his wife to marry her through the authorized village, where her wedding was scheduled immediately after the party. The Prosecution has also ordered the confiscation

The Secretary-General of the National Council for Youth and Motherhood pointed out that child marriage is a social issue that can be described as a disaster, because of its negative consequences for girls and children, and this marriage often ends in failure with the children of the bride and groom. The presence of one or more children and a girl who do not know how to educate, and who spread this marriage especially in rural areas, because of poverty and unemployment, which lead people to marry their daughters in generous financial compensation, can Outbreaks of ignorance are about the main reasons for parents' consent for this marriage, whatever His age.

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