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Cardano (ADA) is bustling with the community after the unveiling of two updates on the comprehensive roadmap.

The founder of Cardano and CEO of IOHK Charles Hoskinson announced the new releases earlier than planned, which surprised the community. 19659002] He commented on the current Prometheus project before revealing that a new update called Icarus was ready. Later the team left a big announcement about a secret project called Yoroi.

Hoskinson preceded his announcement with an optimistic view of the market. His comments related to the volatility in the crypto industry. He said that although the slump was disturbing, it was all part of the growth of the industry.

The IOHK boss said that the project had developed a long-term strategy. It was well on the way to realize his ideas within the blockchain space. He also assured the community that the Cardano team focuses on the development of the platform.

The Cardano project updates are part of the roadmap of the platform, one of the most comprehensive in the blockchain industry.

What Is Project Icarus?

Cardano declares that Icarus is a "reference implementation for lightweight purses".

The IOHK must release the Icarus implementation, making it easier for developers to build customized wallets for Cardano (ADA).

Icarus is a Google Chrome extension designed to provide the community with a user-friendly alternative to Cardano's Daedalus wallet. However, the portfolio has those features that make Daedalus a great wallet – easy to use and fast.

Icarus integrates Javascript and Rust, simplifying the development of both mobile and desktop portfolios. That is why it is a project that makes it possible for third parties to develop different portfolios for the platform.

The lightweight wallet will not download the entire Cardano blockchain, giving users the benefit of transaction speed.

The project is open source and secure, with the personal keys of the user encrypted.

The IOHK says that the Icarus source code will enable the ADA community to develop portfolios, easily integrated with the Cardano blockchain upon release. It is a move that Cardano will show to complete decentralization

What Is Yoroi?

The special announcement on the Cardano roadmap refers to Yoroi as a desktop wallet.

Like Icarus, Yoroi is also a Chrome extension. It is a wallet for light customers, developed by Emurgo, one of the development teams for the Cardano project.

The desktop wallet is a user-friendly, fast and secure alternative to the Daedalus wallet of the platform.

Yoroi is the first wallet for Cardano built using the Icarus reference implementation.

A beta version of Yoroi that connects to the Cardano test network is now available in Chrome. Cardano users can download and experience how fast and easy it is to set it up. The final version of the Yoroi wallet is ready for publication in mid-September.

Both Icarus and Yoroi are still under development, but the news about their release could have an impact on the Cardano blockchain in terms of acceptance and the value of its native ADA token.

There is a lot going on for Cardano that it is easy to identify with optimism around the community. There is no doubt that this is a fantastic project that is likely to be very successful, especially with the advice of IOHK and Emurgo.

It is therefore correct to say that ADA is one of the most undervalued tokens of which the price will certainly increase, they reach milestones on the road map.

At present, ADA is trading at $ 0.098 against the US dollar. It has gained about 3.95 percent in the past twenty-four period. It also gained about 2 percent compared to BTC.

Cardano is the 9th largest cryptocurrency with a market capitalization of 2.56 billion.

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