Ethiopian Airlines agrees with the launch of Chad National Carrier

Ethiopian airlines have announced that it has signed agreements with the Chadian government to start the services of Chad National Carrier. According to the agreements, Ethiopian Airlines owns 45% of the total participation, while the Chadian government owns the remaining 51%. The CEO of the airline, Ato Tewolde Gebremariam, said: "The strategic partnership partnership at the launch of Chad's new national carrier is part of our Vision 2025, multi-hub strategy in Africa." He added: "The new Chad National Carrier will serve as a strong hub in Central Africa with domestic, regional and ultimately international air connections with key destinations in the Middle East, Europe and Asia."

Ethiopian airlines have recently signed agreements with Zambia to restart the Zambian Airlines service with an initial cost of USD 30 million. Malawi Airlines is also managed and operated by the airline on the basis of an agreement signed in 2013. It is also preparing for the launch of Ethiopian Mozambique Airlines.

In May, the airline announced that it was negotiating with Chad, Djibouti, Equatorial Guinea and Guinea to set up airlines through joint ventures. It also said that it planned to establish a new airline in Mozambique that will fully own it.

Source: Fana BC and Reuters

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