Infiniti goes back to the future with a new concept for electric cars

CONCEPT vehicles enable designers to make the cars of their dreams in the same way as fashion walking tracks reveal clothing that will probably never appear in stores.

This super streamlined machine, called the Prototype 10 and unveiled during the classic classic show in California, is meant to "retake" the spirit of early speedsters & # 39; from the beginning of the 20th century, even if it runs on electricity.

It is the work of Nissan's luxury brand Infiniti and it is said that this is an indication to design clues about future models.

Translated: Nissan is not going to release a single electric car stretched as long as a limousine.

However, take a good look at the sleek headlight design and the general shape of the front bumper – namely the air vents with accents at each front corner – and then look a bit backwards and imagine it a few years later on a showroom vehicle.

It is also Infiniti's infallible way of showing its intentions to build a sleek electric car in the near future.

The company says that the Prototype 10 offers a link between where Infiniti is now and where it is going.

"For us, electrification means performance – our cars will be powerful, efficient and very rewarding to drive, and Prototype 10 is a physical representation of our electrified future," says project leader Karim Habib, a Canadian designer of Lebanese origin.

In the past 20 years he worked for BMW and Mercedes before moving to the Japanese luxury brand about a year ago.

"The Infiniti Prototype 10 reflects the layout and design of early speedsters," says Habib.

"During this period, some of the most evocative car designs of all time arose, where power was celebrated with powerful single-campers' cars."

Therefore, he says, "it is fitting that we have found inspiration in an optimistic bygone era in which cars were characterized by the simple love of driving."

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