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In these times of rising costs and falling profit margins, ThreadSol plays a crucial role in the clothing industry, especially in Africa with the rise of the industry, according to the company.

ThreadSol participates in Origin Africa 2018 from 9 September to 11 September. The presence of the company at Origin Africa confirms that it is continuing its efforts to introduce innovative clothing technology solutions for the clothing industry.

"Our presence at Origin Africa is proof of our commitment to the garment industry, especially the African clothing industry, and the solutions we offer at the expo show that we are constantly striving to fulfill our customers' requirements to help them meet the challenges of the industry and increase profitability by tackling the biggest cost-saving manufacturing style, "said Anas Shakil, Senior Partner at ThreadSol.

ThreadSol's vision is to introduce technology-driven products to boost African clothing production by stimulating and differentiating topline and bottom line for manufacturers from the highly competitive environment for ground-breaking profits and improved customer service.

With challenges such as high electricity prices, limited access to finance, infrastructure barriers, challenging logistics, and for non-EPZ companies, complex regulations, it is extremely crucial for garment manufacturers in Kenya to realize the importance of cost savings and increasing their production.

Moreover, work skills are another challenge. It is important to understand and implement automation that can provide greater efficiency and high yield in the long run.

ThreadSol solutions – intelloBuy and intelloCut work together with the idea to increase sales and profits for clothing manufacturers. The solutions work for the floor and the cutting floor respectively and reduce the manufacturing costs during the purchase phase and the cutting of extra pieces of clothing in the cut-out phase. The general advantage is automation of the purchasing and cutting process, which ultimately saves hours of labor in the facilities.

These solutions have been taken over by the best manufacturers worldwide, such as MAS (Sri Lanka), Epic Group (Bangladesh), Raymond (India), PAN Brothers (Indonesia), HS Fashions (China), Sangwoo (Vietnam) etc.

"We at ThreadSol ensure a shorter planning time of 80% to ensure that production costs fall and profits increase by 30-40%," adds Anas Shakil.

ThreadSol & # 39; s participation in Origin Africa is a step further to sell its solutions to potential manufacturers who can now invest in ThreadSol's innovative solutions to reinvent their production efficiency and increase profit margins

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