Samsung focuses on smartphones in the middle segment with high-tech

Amid stiff competition in the mid-range of smartphones, South Korean major Samsung Electronics has reworked its strategy to introduce new innovations to its mid-range devices rather than restricting such advanced features to premium products only.

"In the flagship model we are pretty strong and dominant on the Indian market, but in the mid-segment the competition is very difficult, which is why, earlier this February, I changed the strategy," said D.J. Koh, president and CEO (IT and mobile communications) at Samsung Electronics. Previously, the company's strategy was to bring the technology from a flagship model (premium model) to the smartphones for the medium and mass market (up to ₹ 20,000), he said. "But I totally changed … from October-December we will launch new products that will be differentiated into functions and technologies, regardless of flagship or not … Over the past nine months we have been working on this strategy to implement new technologies in the mid-end smartphones, "said mr. Koh.

New version

Mr Koh said in November that the company would announce the new version of Bixby, the voice-assisted assistant, which will also appear in the mid-end phones.

Koh, who was in India to unveil the latest smartphone with Galaxy Note 9, priced at € 6700, said the company was "excited" about the 5G technology and the opportunities it brings.

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