Sony will soon release AI-infested robotic dogs for a price of $ 2,899

Sony has announced that its Aibo robotic dogs, infused with artificial intelligence, will be launched on the US market by the end of the holiday season, with a price tag of $ 2,899.

The sixth-generation mechanical puppy combines robotics with image sensors and artificial intelligence, allowing it to learn behavior and recognize faces, according to the Japanese giant of consumer electronics.

Aibo robot personalities develop on the basis of interactions with people and each give a unique character depending on its human companions, Sony said. "This is truly a unique product designed to connect with the owners on an emotional level," said Mike Fasulo, president of Sony Electronics North America in a release. As with real dogs, Aibo can learn tricks and find owners, respond to praise or scratch, according to Sony. Aibo also plays with toys that Sony will sell you.

Unlike real dogs, Aibo can use proprietors of an application to customize system settings or add new tricks, and connect to the Internet cloud to store memories. Aibo owners can also check internet-connected dog combinations while away from home, and according to Sony, they see life through their robot eyes. Sony will begin American orders for "First Litter Edition" Aibo next month, with deliveries promised by the holiday season.

Aibo became available in Japan early this year, more than ten years after previous models were removed from its product line.

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