& # 39; Crazy Rich Asians & # 39; Author Evaded Singapore National Service

Kevin Kwan, whose book Crazy Rich Asians was turned into a hit film, is wanted by the Singapore government for not reporting for the mandatory national service, said the Ministry of Defense Wednesday.

The 44-year-old Singaporean did not register for the national service in 1990, even though he received warnings, the Straits Times reports. Kwan's request to renounce his citizenship was twice rejected because he did not fulfill his army duty, which all Singaporean men aged 18 and over are required to do for two years with the armed forces, the police or the civil defense.

"Mr. Kevin Kwan was unable to register for National Service (NS) in 1990, despite messages and letters sent to his foreign address, and he also resided abroad without a valid departure permit. default on NS's obligations, "the ministry said to Times. "In 1994, his application and the subsequent appeal to renounce his Singapore citizenship without serving the NS were rejected."

Kwan can have a maximum of three years in prison and receive a fine of S $ 10,000 (US $ 7300) when he returns to Singapore.

According to the Times, Kwan left Singapore at the age of 11 and now lives in the US He was not present at the premiere of the red carpet film in Singapore on Tuesday.

Kwan's best-selling book has dominated the headlines since the opening of film adaptation at the weekend, where it has won the American cash register and has won more than $ 35 million. It is the first Hollywood movie with a completely Asian or Asian-American cast since Wayne Wang's 1993 Joy Luck Club, and is already planned for a sequel, reports the Hollywood Reporter.

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