Alec Baldwin just spilled the tea on Niece Hailey and Justin Bieber's Wedding

In the event that you took a short distance from the roller coaster ride that is the bourgeois state of Justin and Hailey, the duo was spotted at a N.Y.C. courthouse on Thursday, generates the headline on how they are on and secretly tied the knot.

Hailey clears up the rumors himself and tweeted: "I understand where the speculation comes from, but I'm not married yet!" Again confusing, she later deleted her tweet.

Honestly, this is worse than the seven seasons of friends we wonder if Ross and Rachel would ever come together again.

Fortunately, the expectation of this time was only short-lived. Uncle Alec put the record Monday night right on the red carpet of Emmys and tell it Access that his cousin and the Biebs "went down and got married." Although this certainly helps to clarify things, it sounds like the 30 Rock star is also a bit confused. "I do not know what the deal is," he continued (the same Alec, the same), "We texted & # 39; and Hailey every now and then, we met [Justin] once."

According to PeopleHailey and Justin wanted their wedding top secret, because the actual wedding hoopla is yet to come. They did not want anyone except their family to know they were married. This was not a wedding, "shared a source." They can not wait to hold a wedding. But for other reasons it was easier for them to get rid of legal matters and marry now. It was more a necessary ceremony to make it legal. It does not seem like it was a big deal for them. "

So when do the real Baldwin-Bieber festivities begin? According to People& # 39; Source & # 39 ;, in the next few months. They are still planning a wedding and still have to agree on a location.

Anyway, one thing remains unchanged: these two people simply can not keep their hands to themselves.

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