Brie Larson throws it in the trailer of Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel trailer has dropped, and it shows that Brie Larson literally beat it up – bashing an old lady and crashing heavily on the earth.

Oscar winner Larson, 28, is the first bitch to lead a stand-alone film for the Marvel Comic Universe.

The long-awaited teaser is full of existing Marvel characters and throwbacks to the most beautiful nostalgia of the nineties: video stores, pagers, flannel shirts and retro bus terminals.

The clip opens with Larson's Carol Danvers / Captain Marvel who falls from space into a Blockbuster outlet.

The clip quickly made Twitter stormy. But fans were divided, with Larson & # 39; s roundhouse on a retiree who created some fear.

"Yes, March can not come soon enough, so the film can explain this", wrote a user.

Another said: "The only thing I can think of is when #CaptainMarvel hits that old woman in the face and how much confidence the trailer has in her fans to know that she is right to do this" and I love everything. "

Marvel tweeted about the moment later: "There can be more to this than can be seen at first glance." Certainly.

In addition to the fisticuffs, the rest of the trailer also distributed fans, with one calling the clip "heavily underwhelming", but another comment: "God is a woman."

According to the synopsis, the half-human, semi-alien heroine gets involved in an intergalactic war between two exotic species in the 90s.

Danvers seems to have no fixed memory of her previous time on earth as a pilot for the US Air Force, and the trailer shows flashes of her upbringing and military training.

"I keep having these memories, I see flashes, I think I have a life here," she says. "But I can not say whether it is real."

Along the way Danvers – who already has her super powers – meets Samuel L. Jackson as a younger sergeant Nick Fury and Clark Gregg as agent Phil Coulson of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Jude Law debuts in the Marvel world as Danvers' mentor and they work together against villains Ronan (Lee Pace, first introduced in Protectors of the universe) and Korath (Djimon Hounsou.)

According to Wired, the teaser is "almost too full" of Clinton-era viewing gags and pop culture nods.

"There are so many signifiers from the 90s crammed into the not-quite-two-minute trailer that it would forgive you if you thought that Marvel was planning to defeat the Skrulls by bullying them with references.

"If the film becomes a game of reference and whack-a-mole spot, it will quickly grow old."

As co-director Anna Boden has told Entertainment per week, "The nineties do not feel that long ago, because we are really old.

"But this film really made us realize how outdated so many things from the years & # 39; 90 are, and we've had a lot of fun with it."

According to theories, Captain Marvel is stuck in the '90s because it needs an origin story, and the middle of the 20th century has already been picked up by Steve Rogers / Captain America and the father of Tony Stark.

The Cold War is trapped by Wonder Woman at DC, so in terms of continuity, "is the best place to place Carol Danvers in the grunge era," said Wired.

Was it that the nostalgia was cheesy? Captain Marvel is for the US release on International Women's Day: March 8, 2019.

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