Justin Bieber Serenades Fiancee Hailey Baldwin Outside Buckingham Palace

Nothing charms a girl's heart as a public serenade!

Justin Bieber saw his fiancée, Hailey Baldwin, outside the Buckingham Palace in London, England on Tuesday. The pop star, casually dressed in black shorts and a pink and gray sweatshirt, jumped out of his and Baldwin's black SUV with his guitar, rushed to him to take a seat at the fountain and started his song. Coldwater & # 39; to play.

It was not long before a crowd formed around the couple, where fans went to social media to post photos & videos of the cute moment. Some tweeted that Bieber asked for song requests, while others were charmed by Baldwin's caustic reaction.

Bieber, 24 and Baldwin, 21, arrived in London earlier this week, where they continued on the PDA in the aftermath of reports that they may already be married.

"I understand where the speculation comes from, but I'm not married yet!" the model wrote last week in a tweet removed.

A source then told ET that while Bieber and Baldwin had signed up for a marriage permit, they did not have a wedding ceremony yet. The marriage certificate Bieber and Baldwin became valid after 24 hours and remains valid for 60 days in the state of New York. If they decide to take the knot abroad, Bieber and Baldwin must first have a government department in the state to make it legal.

View more about the pair in the video below.


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