Korn is now in the coffee business for some reason

Photo: Kevin Winter (Getty Images for Sirius XM)

Grab your ratty black hoodie with finger holes, because it's time for an energizing cup of now metal coffee. As announced in a press release late last week, now metal band Korn has gotten into the coffee business by partnering up with J. Gursey Coffee Roasters to release its very own line of "Korn Koffee." Koffee more Korn-like than other coffees beyond having the Korn name on the bag, but the press release does say it's a distinctive blend of Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, Guatemalan Huehuetenago, and Organic Peru beans mixed with J. Gursey Coffee's popular Vintage Black Diamond blend. "The members of Korn were responsible for" selecting the perfect roast and blend, "or even if those Ethiopian Yirgacheffe beans do not scream" nu metal music "to us, they at least elicited some positive reaction from the band itself.

Each bag of Korn Koffee-which is available now-will include a special message from Korn, which we're just going to spoil below:

After almost 25 years of touring, making records and playing in front of all of our amazing fans (you), one thing has remained constant in our daily routine: coffee. The ritual, the brew, the aroma, and most importantly, that is what we look forward to every day. Because of our passion, we've gotten together with a roaster and handcrafted our very own blend of KOFFEE. We hope you enjoy, share, and join us in savoring many cups or KOFFEE for years to come.

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