Nicki Minaj places Travis Scott on Blast Again, compares herself with Harriet Tubman and Rosa Parks

Nicki Minaj doubles her statements about Travis Scott and Spotify.

After beating the rapper and his family on Sunday, Minaj went on to re-voiced the criticism of her Apple Music Beats 1 radio program Astroworld artist for what according to her & # 39; unfair & # 39; promotional tactics. The artist claims: "When [Scott] realized that Queen was about to [be] the number 1 album in America, he decided to have his label Kylie and baby stormi giving a tour … He had her mail and said: "Hey, I and Stormi can not wait to see you all." How do you sell something that has nothing to do with your album, but what is counted on Billboard as album sales? "

She continued with her tirade and named Scott the "Ho N — a of the week & # 39; and accused him of selling f-king sweaters and saying to you that he already sold half a million albums because he was not. "

Nicki criticized Travis's decisions and said, "You stupid boy, you're a king's man! You've got your roommate talking to you, your friend who books a tour, says you've sold albums – stop it! k off! "

Then, in a rather controversial movement, the Queen the performer compared himself with none other than Harriet Tubman and Rosa Parks.

She claims that, like the historical figures, she is a champion for the people. "Your mothers are being streamed because somebody took that bullet because someone was brave enough." Someone had a big f – king enough, someone had enough balls to say: "We are tired of having you steal our music. and we are not credited! & # 39; "

"Harriet Tubman had to shake up, Rosa Parks had to shake up, Rosa Parks probably had the worst day of her life when she said:" No, enough is enough "," the 35-year-old continued.

Nicki Minaj, MTV Video Music Awards 2018, VMA & # 39; s

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Nicki went on to say that she was more than aware that "you could all laugh and say," she compares herself to Harriet Tubman, "but she does not care." Man, you – I'm going to compare myself with strong, black queens. "

Despite the heated words, Minaj says it is all a good mood. "Please understand that this is entertainment," she said, telling people they should "not get any of your panties in a bunch".

She especially emphasized that she and Ariana Grande "are so close," despite rumors that she postponed the release of her album so she could compete with Grande & # 39; s Sweetener. Unlike the speculation, they and the singer are good friends, "because we are so similar in many ways, we are real people, we will laugh at you in a minute, we are loyal, we are real, we do not switch up when the times are bad. "

Minaj's show will be back next week and we can not wait to see what she has in store for us.

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