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The princess of Wales, who separated from the Prince of Wales in 1996, made a remarkable transformation that liberated her from years of grief, according to her good friend and dance master. Deane.

The dance expert and then director of the English National Ballet revealed that he had eaten with a "reborn" Diana the day she finalized the divorce with Prince Charles.

After the princess went to look at his performance of Swan Lake at the Royal Albert Hall, he said: "On the day her divorce was officially made, Diana visited one of our shows, which really shows the connection she felt with our art and how it calmed her.

"After the show we dined, as always.

Her divorce has really changed her. She became more confident

Derek Deane

"She seemed strong, never complained, no more drama.

"She had lost the burden that weighed her and a new Diana was born, free from pain and grief.

"It was clear that all of this had made her stronger.

"She now had a future, or she thought so. & # 39;

Mr. Deane said that Diana and he connected their shared love of ballet.

princess diana news prince charles separation

Princess Diana was positive about her future after her divorce, a friend said (Image: GETTY)

The dance master revealed that Diana learned to find strength in ballet because of what he called a "hellish nightmare & # 39; called to come.

He says, "She should never have married Charles.

"That marriage was hellish, it was one dramatic moment after another.

"It was just a hurricane of sadness because Diana realized that the real love of her husband's life was Camilla.

"She said:" I was crying all the way through my honeymoon. I was so tired because of all the bad things around me. & # 39;

Princess Diana meets the cast of an English National Ballet production from Swan Lake & # 39;

Princess Diana and Mr. Deane meet the cast of an English national ballet production from Swan Lake & # 39; (Image: GETTY)

"During that time full of depressions and tears she became thin, they could see her bones.

"The doctors have given her pills instead of really taking care of her.

"Everything that everyone wanted was a quick solution.

"It was Diana herself who was in charge of her recovery and confronted Camilla.

& Camilla said something like: & # 39; What are you so worried about? Everyone loves you, you stand on a pedestal, you have everything you want. & # 39;

"To which Diana said:" Yes, but you have my husband. "

Princess Diana and Prince Charles

Princess Diana and Prince Charles during a Royal Tour in Toronto, Canada (Image: GETTY)

"Shortly thereafter, they are divorced and for her it was such a release."

When her royal husband really changed the princess & # 39 ;, Mr. Deane continued.

According to him, in just a few years Diana has evolved from a "little girl" into a "swan of confidence".

He revealed: "Her divorce really changed her and she became more confident.

"A real change from the woman I met six years earlier, just after her engagement with Charles.

Princess Diana and Derek Deane

Princess Diana and Derek Deane (Image: GETTY)

"We met after a performance at the Royal Opera House.

"She was so quiet, a little girl was painfully shy and very insecure.

"I met a very different Diana when she became the patron of my English National Ballet.

"We had the same sense of humor and were able to really make each other laugh.

"She trusted me and could be herself with us.

"For us, the team, the dancers she was not a princess, she was just Diana.

"She had no attitude, she did not do a protocol.

"She was open, friendly and friendly to everyone.

"She also loved to come to our rehearsals and I never knew her more quietly than when she was immersed in our world.

& # 39; The older she became, the less a silent, insecure little duck she became.

"No, she grew up with confidence in a swan and I admired her for that, with that strength and courage when her life was so heavy at that time."

Princess Diana and Prince Charles on their wedding day

Princess Diana and Prince Charles were married in July 1981 (Image: GETTY)

In the year that followed the divorce, Diana found new life in her charity work.

Deane said: "She was very positive about the rest of her life.

"She knew what her mission was: doing charity work and helping bring peace.

The princess promised to meet with Mr. Deane again after spending the summer in France with Dodi, the son of the Egyptian tycoon Mohamed Al-Fayed.

But she died on August 31, 1997, in a tragic car accident that also claimed the life of Dodi and the driver of the car, Henri Paul.

Deane remembered hearing the princess say, "I'll see you at your next premiere in September.

"I look forward."

He added: "Those words never stop chasing me."

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