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Apple Watch must receive sleep tracking

Apparently, Apple is testing a sleep monitor for its smartwatch. According to a report, however, there will be no official solution until 2020.

Owners of an Apple Watch previously had to use external services if they wanted to control their sleep. With drag-track you can see how well you have recovered in your sleep at night. Because the Apple smartwatch is not optimized for third-party applications, these services consume a relatively long battery life. Until now, Apple does not offer Apple Watch users an internal function.

That should change, though, only next year. Bloomberg reports that Apple should test a sleep monitor for a future version of its smartwatch. According to the report, Apple has been testing the sleep monitoring function for several months with testers at secret locations at its headquarters in Cupertino, California. If the tests are successful, the company plans to include them in the Apple Watch in 2020. Apple has not yet officially commented.

Apple owns a sleep tracking company

Apple acquired «Beddit» in May 2017. The Finnish start-up produces its own sleep monitor, the Beddit sleep monitor. Apple sells the product on its website under the Beddit brand and has released an updated version at the end of last year. Sleep Monitor works with the Beddit app on the iPhone. By taking over the company, Apple already has some knowledge of tracking sleep data.

Until Apple introduces its own official solution, users will only be restricted to other services, such as AutoSleep Sleep Tracker (Apple App Store) or Pillow Automatic Sleep Tracker (Apple App Store).

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