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"Bandersnatch" offers an unusual television experience, but not a very satisfying one.

The new special "Black Mirror" follows Stefan Butler as he tries to transform a science fiction novel (also called "Bandersnatch") into a video game in the Choose Your Own Adventure style. As the story progresses, Stefan is drawn deeper into the mystery of what happened to "Bandersnatch" author Jerome F. Davies, a mystery that ultimately encompasses parallel universes, conspiracies of the government and Stefan's own family tragedy.

Netflix has previously experimented with interactive content, although focused on children – for example with an adaptation of "Minecraft: Story Mode" from Telltale Games. The format, where the viewer periodically has a limited time to choose the next action from Stefan, should also be known to players of Telltale titles like "The Walking Dead" and "Batman: The Telltale Series."

The big difference is that most other games want to make you feel that your choices are useful. "Bandersnatch" turns the formula upside down, removing the illusion of free will and effect and instead exploring a scenario in which your choices often feel reversible or otherwise senseless.

During the last episode of the podcast Original Content we are accompanied by Kirsten Korosec to watch the show. Our reactions ranged from outright hatred to hesitant admiration for the makers' ambition – but even when we found that "Bandersnatch" was at least conceptually interesting, the experience itself became tiring in the end.

We also discuss "Bird Box", the new Netflix thriller with Sandra Bullock as a woman navigating in a world that is flooded with monsters that can not be seen – because if you see them, you will kill yourself immediately. According to Netflix, & # 39; Bird Box & # 39; in the first week for most viewers a record placed under the original films of the streaming service.

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