Gordon Ramsay praised this TikTok chef who cooks meals in his hotel room

Gordon Ramsay is by no means known as the hottest, most nebulous person. He’s devoted his TikTok account almost exclusively to home cooks, including his own daughter! But one user earned his respect this week for his cooking skills in one of the most challenging of culinary environments.

Jago Randles, a chef from Cornwall, England, is going viral on the app for the food he’s made using just the tools in his hotel room. According to him, he was recently quarantined in a hotel room in Vancouver The Washington Post, and began posting videos of him making everything from eggs Benedict to crème brûlée, using things like his coffee maker and iron. He calls it “Isolation Kitchen.”

One of those videos even caught the attention of Gordon, who posted one of his now iconic Ramsay Reacts-esque videos about it. In the TikTok in question, Randles makes chicken, asparagus and an egg using the aforementioned tools. The video shows him placing the breaded chicken directly on the iron, throwing the asparagus into the top of the coffee machine, and frying the egg on the bottom of the coffee maker using parchment paper and what looks like a mason jar lid.

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Although Gordon was a bit critical of the lack of seasoning, he gave him props about the dish, saying, “That looks like decent food, certainly one of the best dishes I’ve seen in a hotel.” That’s a lot of credit, and probably makes eating eggs made from the bottom of a coffee maker worthwhile, TBH. Fortunately, Chef Randles is now out of isolation and probably back to cooking in a real kitchen.

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