Jurgen Klopp’s reaction speaks volumes when Liverpool defender Joel Matip eliminates

Liverpool secured first place in their Champions League group with a match over after an entertaining victory over Ajax on Tuesday.

An opportunistic strike from Curtis Jones was enough to give the Reds a sleek 1-0 victory over the Dutch side.

The result means that Jurgen Klopp’s squad has progressed to the knockout stages for the fourth consecutive year under his tutelage.

But there was plenty that went unnoticed or under the radar during the 90 minutes at Anfield.

Henderson is calling the way

The limited number of fans returning to Anfield on Sunday will know about the treat listening to Jordan Henderson’s vocal encouragement.

Even the television cameras cannot really appreciate how the Liverpool skipper overwhelms his teammates during a match.

And it was especially prominent in the build-up to the winning goal, as Henderson, who helped initiate the move, effectively guided Neco Williams through his moves before ordering him to score for Curtis Jones.

Henderson a future Liverpool manager? Nobody would be surprised. Well, that or a movie director.

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Beat the hugger

Jurgen Klopp knew exactly what to do at the final whistle.

First, he jumped for goalkeeper Caoimhin Kelleher after the youngster’s impressive Champions League debut.

And then it was the turn of Neco Williams, the right back who responded to the recent criticism with a nice performance.

Both received the trademark Klopp beerhugs. If that’s not a sign you played well, then nothing is.

Bobby dazzling

He may not have his most consistent season, but few question Roberto Firmino’s ability to hit the ball.

And the Brazilian was at his best during a lively cameo in which only the width of the post denied him a goal.

Firmino does not lack confidence, that’s for sure. And instead of only getting one clearance late, he opted instead for a defensive outage taking on half of the Ajax squad before sending Sadio Mané almost clear.

So daring. So Firmino. Never change, Bobby.

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Matip switches off

Anyone with a common sense will recognize the Champions League anthem, although it’s not much of a blast, it’s a pretty handy tune nonetheless.

Sure, it’s significantly better than the Europa League effort or the downright awful new Premier League tune.

But not everyone seems delighted to hear it. At least that seems to be the case for Joel Matip, who seemed more than bored as the teams lined up for kick-off.

Fortunately, the defender was considerably more alert for the next 90 minutes.

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