NZ vs PAK: Seventh Pakistan cricket team player tests positive for COVID-19, Sports News

A seventh player on the Pakistan cricket team has tested positive for coronavirus as the team will be confined to Christchurch on Saturday, unable to train and with a question mark on their tour of New Zealand.

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The Pakistani players, who arrived four days ago, are already on a “final warning” for violating New Zealand’s strict quarantine restrictions.

“An additional Pakistani cricketer member tested positive today,” the Health Ministry said in a statement on Saturday, confirming the seventh patient.

“The rest of the team’s test results on day three, with the exception of the six that have already produced a positive result, are negative.”

Previously, six players from the Pakistan cricket team had tested positive for COVID-19. The positive reports from the Pakistani camp have jeopardized preparations for the five-game series while scaring a country that has managed to get the coronavirus under control.

The Pakistan squad’s exemption from training while in managed isolation has been suspended until the investigation is completed, the governing body said, adding that the six positive players would be placed in strict quarantine.

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