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Shanghai Auto Show Spotlight on EVs – News – NHK WORLD

The international motor show in Shanghai has started, with electric vehicles at the center.

Global car manufacturers present more than 1,400 vehicles during the event. It takes place amid declining demand in China, the world's largest car market.

Sales of new cars in China fell by 2.8 percent last year, the first annual decline in 28 years. Automakers hope that electric vehicles will add a spark to demand.

China & # 39; s leading electric car manufacturer BYD is introducing a model that is said to run 100 kilometers on a 15-minute load. Xiaopeng Motors says the EV has a range of more than 600 kilometers on one charge.

Toyota in Japan unveiled two EV models, the first under its own brand on the Chinese market.

Automakers hope that government measures to reduce pollution will stimulate the sale of electric vehicles. The event runs until Thursday of next week.

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