A new app that allows the infant formula to be mixed and ready for children in no time, time, energy or water

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"Two quantities of water mixed without pollution – and the milk formula is ready in seconds."

Ever been very tired to wake up late at night and to mix the infant formula? Boiling water to be uninfected? Wait until it cools down or try to cool under cold running water? It lasts forever, right? Well, a family father, Micael Törnblom, brought his idea to another father, Peter Loven, who stands behind the company App4Life, and together they created a brand new app called BabyFormula in the App Store. This app saves time, water and energy, allowing people to mix that water and reach the right temperature within seconds. Especially in some countries where water can not be drunk from the tap, it is even more important to cook it so as not to be contaminated. A simple way to do that is to boil water the day before, put it in the refrigerator and use it the next day. Boil new water and use the app together with the cooled water in the refrigerator and make infant food in no time. The first step is to choose a desired temperature. Then choose the volume, the temperature of the cold and warm water and then the app will indicate the mixture to reach the desired temperature. It is very easy to use with buttons and sliders.

Peter says that his philosophy with apps is to make them user-friendly and easy to understand. He got a lot of fun publicity for his Fly4Life app – an app for people who have fear of flying – to be just as simple and easy to understand for normal people in everyday life. "I have helped many people who are afraid of flying and have received many, many questions and thoughts through the email function in the app, which allows me to make the app better." In fact, my whole idea was the name of my company apps for life, so if I had good sales, the company could donate money for good reasons.My family and I have been sponsoring a child in Ethiopia for over 10 years.Today she studies at the university in Addis Ababa. , and it cost us no more than a few dollars a week, unfortunately it's a tough competition to sell apps, so that's not the case yet, but I'm working hard on it, I believe people and businesses can really make a difference by helping me a little bit, I hope this app will be of some success so that I can reach my goal to help other people too ", says Peter.

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