Amhara National Democratic Movement leaders to purge

Amhara National Democratic Movement has played a crucial role in the change observed in Ethiopia over the past four months. Now the party intends to purge within the party while promising to promote change and to address demands in the region it governs.

  Amhara National Democratic Movement

August 18,2018

] Amhara National Democratic Movement (ANDM) holds a two-day conference in Bahir Dar, attended by leaders of the party at all levels of regional administrative structures.

At the meeting, the party will determine the agenda for the 12th Congress of the party in September of this year.

Migbaru Kebede is the head of the national political organizing sector of the party and he says that the "ANDM is no longer looking back and wasting time", according to a report from the regional government media, AMMA

The main agenda of the current two-day consultative meeting of the party is the September Congress, which in turn will focus on obtaining the leadership it takes at all levels to defend popular reform and change. in the country.

Aware of the existing challenges that could threaten the reform, including lawlessness and insecurity in some parts of the country, ANDM leaders are working on how best to support and defend popular reform measures. 19659004] Therefore, the primary task of the 12th Congress, according to the party officials, is to fill the regional administrative structure with leadership that is efficient and able to promote the continuous change in the country while at the same time meeting the requirements of the audience in the region

This will mean, the leaders have suggested, purification of inefficient leaders at different levels of government and those elements in the structure that show sentiment to cooperate with forces interested in reversing the popular reform measures many are seen as the first. course of a popular revolution that emphasizes the rights and freedoms of citizens and the economic development of the country [19659004] The party officials have also made it clear that they will avoid issues that may cause the party to clash with people in the region. They promise earlier to address the demands of the people in the region. And one of the most important demands is the identity issue of Wolkait, a part of the Gonder region that was forcefully taken into Tigray after the seizure of power by TPLF in Addis Ababa twenty-seven years ago.
Based on a recent meeting with professors from Bahir Dar University, Gedu Andargachew, the president of the region, it was bold that the identity issue of Wolkait is no longer a question that the leadership can afford to avoid, because it is the demand become the whole people in the region and beyond, not just the demands of ethnic Amhara in Wolkait.

ANDM also tries to change the code of conduct and regulation of the party during the conference in September.

The party has a dark or even a dark past because it was a Trojan horse for TPLF, a party that loses a considerable share of its power at the federal level, while the Ethiopian people demanded a fair distribution of power, for which a ruthless struggle was held for several years.

Now ANDM seems to be working hard to write a new history and it gains a significant political base in the region and beyond.

The leaders of the party are now being hailed as reformers alongside Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.

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