Anarchy that is considered for freedom will not be tolerated, says Ethiopian PM

Despite considerable gains in freedom in the past four months, anarchy grew to such an extent that groups with obvious political motives to achieve, missed anarchy for freedom – and appear to be deliberate. There has been a gruesome murder in the Oromo region and a orchestrated murder in the Somali region. PM made it clear today that lawlessness and anarchy are not tolerated.

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19,2018 August

Building lawlessness in different parts of Ethiopia, mainly in Somali and Oromo regions & # 39 ; s of Ethiopia, are causing security problems for Ethiopians. Murders have been committed, property destroyed and people moved since the prime minister came to power in April this year.

The situation made Ethiopians doubt the ability of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed's government to enforce laws in the interests of protecting the safety of Ethiopians.

Renowned human rights organizations, such as Human Rights Watch, have called upon Abiy Ahmed's government to stand up for the protection of human rights and perpetrators of human rights violations, especially in Oromo and Somali regions, accountability and take them to court make it appear.

In what appears to be responding to internal and external pressures, the Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed had a press conference today to address the situation.

While Ethiopia's achievements in history were noted, religious and cultural values ​​relevant to justice in society, and achievements toward freedom in the past four months, the prime minister admitted that his government challenges, as forces that want to reverse the change create a crisis-like situation in terms of citizens' security.

In addition to lawlessness, the prime minister sees the tendency to actions motivated by hatred. The situation poses a threat to the safety and security of citizens and endangers peace in the country, he said. His government, Abiy says, believes that Mafia justice is a risk to the existence of the country and must stop immediately.

He added that his government will no longer allow attacks on ethnic grounds to lead to murders, destruction of property and displacement of people, as the situation leads to loss of freedom for civilians and a security crisis for the country. The only guarantee of the security, peace and freedom of our citizens is, exclaimed Abiy, to uphold the law and the constitutional order "by all means we have."

He called all Ethiopians to stand alongside the government in the effort to keep persons who violate the law, is not a matter of choice, but a matter of existence.

For law enforcement agencies, he wants people or groups to be held liable if the law is violated instead of looking at it with a feeling of indifference.

He also advised groups seeking to achieve a political goal to resort to peaceful means and stop inciting ethnic violence and creating insecurity for the public and distinguishing between freedom and anarchy

analysts see a national security risk in ethnic politics that feeds attacks based on ethnic origin in different parts of the country, but the government of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed seems in a hostage situation when it comes to abolishing it as the basis of power for his government fundamentally emanates from ethnic politics.

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