"Anarchy will no longer be tolerated"

After the lesson in Burayu, the Ethiopian National Security Council warns that the government is capable and willing to take appropriate measures against anarchy

Ethiopian National Security Council
Photo: EBC

September 18,2018

After the atrocities committed a few days ago in Burayu outside the capital Addis Abeba, the Ethiopian National Security Council had a meeting today and today adopted a resolution.

The council says, according to a report from the state channel Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC), that it will no longer tolerate anarchy and illegal activity in the country.

In its statement after the meeting, the Council noted that several reform measures have been taken in the past five months towards widening the democratic space in the country, which has provided hope and inspiration for Ethiopians to participate in the efforts to to create a better future to the country.

However, says the statement, the task of building a democratic system is inconceivable without the rule of law. The government's efforts to tackle challenges in the last five months, without the use of force, have given "forces of destruction" that maneuver the youth group to give the impression that the government is weak, which in turn has contributed to the rise in the crime rate from time to time, added the statement.

The atrocity in Buryau is, according to the statement, a continuum of efforts to create violence in the Somali Ethiopian region and elsewhere in Ethiopia in the past.

In connection with atrocities in Burayu, the council believes that subversive forces have plans to obstruct the forthcoming EPRDF Congress, which must be submitted by the end of this month.

The armed forces are also planning to bring about a conflict between Ethiopian people, intend to jeopardize the constant change in the country and bring the country into an endless conflict, the council said.

In light of this and to meet the responsibility of the government to protect the life and security of citizens, "destructive forces" must know that the government is ready to take decisive action and that after that no anarchy will be tolerated, the Council.

The council also encouraged young people not to be an instrument for destructive forces.

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