Eritrean president Isayas behind my breath of ANDM

.Bereket believes that ANDM is a danger for Ethiopia
."My freedom of movement is limited"
. Eritrean president is behind the decision in ANDM

Bereket Simon
Bereket Simon

August 27,2018

This week, the Central Committee of Amhara National Democratic Movement (ANDM) decided to suspend Bereket Simon and Tadesse Kassa (also known as Tinkishu) from their membership of the central committee until the upcoming party congress in September that the aforementioned senior is expected to be permanent. will purify. executives.

Berekt Simon reacts to the news and fights against the media. "ANDM leaders have no reason to suspend us," says Bereket Simon. He went on to say that his suspension had something to do with the advice of Eritrean leader President Isayas Afeworki.

"I've heard that Hailemariam Desalegne told the Eritrean president Isayas Afeworki that leaders of the TPLF have become obstacles [seemingly for the change] and President Isayas told him to wipe them away. ANDM leaders were also in Asmara and they hear the same thing, "says Bereket Simon.

He also claims that his mobility is limited throughout the country, and he seems to involve ANDM in this.

"My wish was to spend the last years of my life in Bahir Dar or Gondar … my freedom of movement is limited," he added. Last month there was a story in the news about Bereket. Youth group in Debre Markos reportedly received information that he was in one of the hotels in the city and they attacked it.

Regarding the party he led for more than two decades, Bereket claims that the existing ANDM leadership is a threat to Ethiopia and he called on Ethiopians to fight against them.

ANDM has a different story about the purger. Migbaru Kebede is a central committee member and head of the central committee.

He says that Bereket Simon and Tadesse Kassa have been suspended because of wasting public funds in TIRET, parastatal, during their leadership, he told Ethiopian Satellite Television.

In connection with the claim that ANDM's existing leadership poses a threat to Ethiopia, Migbaru says that the party strives to liberate Ethiopia and the people of Amhara from a dangerous situation and achieve the result in that direction.

Bereket Simon was a right-hand man of the late Meles Zenawi and is considered by many Ethiopians as one of the responsible for the murders of hundreds and thousands of Ethiopians in the past two decades. He has served as Secretary of State for the Federal Government and as advisor to Meles Zenawi, alongside other roles.

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