Ethiopia: Bureau works to close corruption, malpractice loopholes

ADDIS ABABA – Addis Ababa City Roads and Transport Bureau said it is taking action to combat corruption and malicious practices and loopholes to make tangible changes.

According to Abalay Zeray, the Bureau of Ethics and Corruption Prevention of the Office, there are more official activities to identify the systems that allow room for corruption and malpractice.

Given the amount of damage corruption and malpractice inflicted on the country's growth, he emphasized that the nation must design a system that can meet the challenge.

He added that no time should be wasted in handling the request for complaints relating to accessibility, timeliness, fairness and fairness.

He said: "In order to support the growth that is gaining in the nation, arresting the problems of mala fide practices is very essential." Creating generations that are a blame for abuses is the responsibility of every citizen, while much is expected of senior officials of relevant institutions and ethical officials. "

Finally, he emphasized that everyone must join forces in the fight against corruption, because it reduces social, political and economic growth.

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