Ethiopia: Gedeo-West Guji, displacement crisis, situation update No. 7, August 17, 2018 – Ethiopia


  • The government and partners have taken various measures to improve response coordination and increase response capacity at the site level. Two emergency operation centers (EOCs) were established in Dilla Town in the Gedeo zone and in Bule Hora Town in the West Guji zone.
    -Federal and regional authorities are working to find a sustainable solution to the IDP crisis in the Gedeo and West Guji zones.
  • The government and partners have increased the response in the past month, but the financing gap remains high.

I. Overview of movements

In recognition of the need for an urgently scaled-up multisectoral response and based on a work scenario of the erosion situation that persisted for at least the next six months, the National Disaster Risk Management Commission (NDRMC) and humanitarian partners had a multisectoral response plan on 22 June 2018, targeting 818,250 displaced persons (IDPs) by the Gedeo-West Guji violence for an amount of US $ 117.7 million. The plan is intended to meet the life-saving needs of displaced persons, ensure decent temporary living conditions, mitigate / prepare for possible outbreaks of public health, including measles and acute watery diarrhea (AWD) and provide protection to vulnerable groups.

The planning figure has changed since the release of the response plan. From 14 August 2018 the number of displaced persons was reduced to a total of 694,327 persons (106,135 HHs) in the Gedeo zone. The displaced persons are spread over Bule, Dilla Zuria, Kochere, Gedeb, Wanago, Yirgachefe Woredas and Dilla and Yirgachefe Towns.

In the zone of West Guji, the zonal authorities confirmed that there are at least 189,010 people (33,394 HH) at 43 collective locations and 18 host communities. The displaced persons are spread over Abaya, Birbirsa Kojowa, Bule Hora, Gelana, Hambela Wamena and Kercha Woredas.

The government of Ethiopia is working on finding a sustainable solution for the IDP crisis in the Gedeo and West Guji zones. To this end, the Aba Gadas (traditional leaders) from both West Guji (Oromia) and Gedeo (SNNP) zones have convened a series of peace and reconciliation conferences since 28 July to initiate a voluntary return of displaced persons to their places of origin. On 10 August 2018, NDRMC confirmed that all proceeds will respect the humanitarian principles of security,

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