Ethiopia: life dedicated to dog-enlarged book sales

Tesfaye Adale was born in the province of Wello, to his mother Hawa Mustefa and to his father Adale Beyan. He is the last child of the family. When he was seven and twelve years old, his parents suddenly went to their maker. He did not have many childhood memories. But he was obliged to remember the time he had spent as a shepherd in his hometown.

Then he came with his brother to Addis Ababa. From that time in departments, he did not go to his birthplace more than once. Life was not that easy for him. He had gone through many twists and turns at that time. Then he moved with his brother under the same roof. Because his brother's life went hand in hand with the constant whining of his wife, he decided to be a newspaper boy to get money.

He still remembers a person named Zewidu Asfaw Gebrehiwot because he had let him go to school. At that specific moment the person was director of a school called Harar. He often liked helping those in need who had no one whom they could call theirs. He loved to live for others. After Tesfaye went to school to the fourth grade, something he did not expect happened.

While Tesfaye spent his time with ill-mannered friends, he kept getting out of the way again and was just fired at home. After a while he returned home and began living with his benefactor under the same roof.

As the accident would have it, Zewidu suddenly departed from this life. At that time, Tesfaye was transferred to the sixth grade. Suddenly everything turned upside down on Tesfaye. The Zewdu family did not allow him to go to school, given that several people told stories about Tesfaye. At the end of the day he had to leave the house once and for all.

Currently, Tesfaye is a bookseller. He deserves to set up the market books. He also had the habit of putting newspapers for sale. In fact, he has distanced himself from bringing newspapers to the market. Books have been bread and butter for decades.

In fits and starts there is nothing whereby he distances himself from offering various books. His life is completely associated with books. He always gets everything out of the closet with the aim of pleasing his customers. Without exaggeration, he feels like a fish out of the water for lack of books. He is a voracious reader. There is no stone that he has left intermittently with the aim of making his customers happy by offering them many books.

First and foremost, Tesfaye became involved as a newspaper vendor who offered newspapers for sale in the length and breadth of the capital. During the regime of Emperor Haile Selassie, a ten cent coin was of great value. To everyone's surprise, a newspaper company with a capital of two Ethiopian Birr could ensure that newspaper boys would make enough profit without problems.

At the time that Tesfaye was a newspaper boy, he had the habit of going to Berhanena Selam Printing Enterprise for the cock crow with the aim of buying newspapers for sale. There was a wide variety of newspapers such as Times, The New York Times, Newsweek, The Economist and other related newspapers that elected most readers.

The bookseller Tesfaye said: "At that time, if we were to sell ten police Ena Erimijaw newspapers, we would be able to earn enough money for our daily bread."

Tesfaye had experienced many coincidences in his life. An example: the bookseller used to sell newspapers on the street for passersby. He was around the St. Estifanos Church. Cars from the entire region of the capital were driving at high speed. As it was a coincidence, a certain car stopped just in front of him. When Tesfaye saw the man in the car, he could not believe his eyes. The man was dressed with a military uniform. He was a charismatic person. He was the son of Emperor Haile Selassie. In no time the Emperor's son took three books and gave him six warning signs to warn him not to smoke. The price of each book was thirty cents. He turned out to be very happy.

Later that day, when the friend of the bookseller heard this news, they became infinitely happy and had the courage to invite them in the shortest possible time. Tesfaye invited all his friends until he had no money left. He even had a bit of money left. But the bookseller did not break the promise he gave the son of the emperor by drinking alcohol or smoking.

As an accident, something happened that he did not expect. One of the newspaper disasters refused to sell newspapers for Tesfaye. He did not know what to do. Although Tesfaye told the distributor that he was one of his customers, the distributor gave him the cold flight.

He did not know what to do. He thought he would give up the sale of newspapers. At that time there was a bookseller who bought books from Addis Ababa and sold them in Asmara. He used to sell spy books. Books by author Mammo Wudneh were lucrative. He earned a lot of money with this.

Finally, when bookseller Tesfaye and his friend found a council about the problem that tied his hands and feet, his friend said: "I am an old man, but I am selling books across borders, which is why I am making a lot of profit. and to fully occupy yourself with bringing books to the market, I am on your side, I will just as well introduce you to a book distributor. "

Because Tesfaye had no other option, they got to know each other. Then he prepared himself to take part in the book trade. The good thing was, there were a large number of readers at that time. Because Tesfaye had no other option, he took five books from the distributor and started to sell them to distribute them on the street. The moment he came with the books, he sold them in no time.

Then, in fear and trembling, he went to the distributor for more books. That is why he got some extra books for sale. In this way he distanced himself from the newspaper company and became fully involved with the book trade.

At that time there were quite a few books from Russia. Little by little the number of translators grew again and again. Suddenly the book trade gradually declined. It always went downhill. Foreign books flew to the left, right and in the middle of the country.

There were discussion clubs in different parts of the country. The attention of people for foreign books deteriorated repeatedly.

At that time, the daily newspapers of Addis Zemen and Yezareyitu disappeared from the market. There was only Serto Ader newspaper. As time went by, he gradually began selling the Western Books. Whatever happened in life, he easily gave up hope. He waited for a better day to come and sell his books. Slowly but surely, people's attention for the work of Ethiopian authors continued to grow. Little by little, Tesfaye put books on the market. Because Tesfay is a bookworm, he likes reading more than anything under the sun. People from all walks of life were his customers.

At a certain moment the renowned Yidnekachew Tesema showed up in his bookshop and told the bookseller to bring a certain book. He told him he would pay him a lot of money if he found the book. Over time he told him where he was and he left the area in an instant.

Be that as it may, a young man once visited Tesfaye's bookstore with a wide variety of books and told him he would sell the books for fifty Birr. After negotiating a deal, he bought the books for twenty-five Birr.

Tesafay realized that the book was the book that Yidnekachew was looking for. In reality he did not do this because of the love to make a profit but to be praised by Yidnekachew. Almost immediately, when he went to Bole in search of Yidnekachew around Bole, Tesfaye found that Yidnekachew read a book in his car.

In connection with the incident, Tesfaye said: "The moment Yidnekachev looked at the book, he could not believe his eyes, he showed me to his car, he just smiled, but he did not say a word, he was stiffened by the page, he did not know what he had to say, he just showed me stamped stamps in the book page, and later he told me that the book was stolen from him and gave me a hundred Birr bill.

(source: the daily Addis Zemen)

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