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The Ethiopian government has ordered the arrest of the former Ethiopian intelligence commissioner Getachew assefa as soon as possible.

The arrest warrant for Getachow Asssefa was released by the security services after the disappearance of the hostages for a month.

A statement from the Ethiopian Foreign Ministry said that he had escaped Getachew assefa and went to Sudan.

They wrote that the Getachew emirate had been working in Tigray County for more than a month.

They wrote a part of the news that Mr. Getachew was the father of his family in Ethiopia and he fled.

Getachew Assefa there have been cases of power, a violation of human rights, detention and executions carried out by the suspects.

Also, tesfanews newspaper reports that the government's strong clues from the former intelligence chief behind the killings that has been illegal in the country will help designated position security committees in the country.

Abiyah Ahmed, the Ethiopian prime minister, has changed the security situation in the country and has excluded several Ethiopian military commanders.

Abiy Ahmed, who has been accused of trying to investigate all persons involved, including Getachew assefa, is being sought on a large scale.

However, the Ethiopian government is investigating a number of officials recently captured from the office.

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